Watch how EstatePad is changing the way Real Estate Agents are working

Sarah uses EstatePad to record attendees at a property viewing, email those Attendees and record tasks to followup with those attendees.

EstatePad offers Real Estate Agents unprecedented mobility and the ability to work from anywhere. Adam can even keep track of his daily tasks while waiting for a client.

As a Real Estate Agents it’s essential that you’re able to communicate with your clients anytime and anywhere. Watch as these Century 21 Agents use the iPad and EstatePad to match buyers to a new Listing and immediately email them about the listing, from the property itself.

Testimonials from people who love EstatePad!

Im so glad I have this app

Your Application has made my daily real estate life so much simpler, and I now have a simple system to ensure all my clients are contacted regularly, there is no chance of missing critical clients. Keep up the good work.

– Joseph Lupi, Sales Manager

A ‘Must Buy’

I cant believe how affordable this application is for what it does, compared with other CMS systems which charge a monthly fee, a small one off fee and I have a superior system! I’M SOLD!

– Adam Cockburn – Investment Consultant, Century 21

I can work and twitter/facebook while out of the office

This app is brilliant, totally mobile communication, I can get so much more work done while running around remotely form the office, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting client contacts, the app remembers for me! Awesome!

– Sarah Prosser, Rookie Of The Year, Century 21

There is MUCH to like about this App! (Beta Test Feedback)

I see no major problems with any part of the software. The contact syncing works great and I look forward to it’s release. Outstanding work guys!

– Curt Hess, Keller Williams Select Realtors, Annapolis