Which iPad to buy for your Real Estate business

There’s a lot of talk about tablets at the moment and deciding which one to buy is getting harder each day with all the different varieties. Here at EstatePad we reckon the iPad is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition – (a bit like our app). So we’d recommend keeping with Apple iPad.  So which one .. 3G , WiFi 16 or 64 Gig?

The most important question is where will you be using your iPad – if you’re out and about you need to think about how to get the internet. You’re not always going to have a WIFI hotspot around so what are you options?  1) Get the 3G version – no extra fuss apart from the monthly fee. 2) Get a MiFi – still an extra fee but the MiFi can supply internet to other devices (not just the iPad) at the same time 3) Wait for the next update to the iPhone software and use the ‘Personal Hotspot’.   I tend to like the 3rd option – we’ll just have to wait until Feb/March and see how the carriers allow this – clearly Verizon is taking a lead here – hopefully AT&T follows with a similar offer.

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