The iPad and Real Estate – it’s not just about EstatePad

Just bought a new iPad and looking around for ideas as to how it can help your Real Estate business? Installing EstatePad is your obvious first step but there’s lots of resources out there that will also help make you a more productive real estate agent.

1. Consider downloading Keynote. It’s the Apple version of PowerPoint and will let you make awesome looking presentations to your potential buyers. Pick some of your higher value listings and spend 10 minutes preparing an awesome slideshow which you can take with you while you’re out and about meeting people.

2. Mail, Calendar and Contacts all come with the iPad. They’ll most likely integrate with whatever email system you’ve been using back in the office and you’ll have them up and running in no time.

3. Facebook, Twitter and much of the social media tools have iPad Apps that let you tweet, post or stay informed while on the road. You may be able to do this from your smartphone already but the larger screen of the iPad makes this so much easier.

4. Bookmark your listings in Google Maps and use it to show your customers exactly where properties are, how close they are to schools and such like.

5. Consider using Pages (the iPad’s Microsoft Word) to prepare mail-outs to customers. You can also use it to store much of your legal documentation. If you travel with a wireless printer in the car you can even print these documents whilst on the road – no more carrying around wads of paperwork.

Got any more idea’s you’d like to share about how you are using your iPad for your Real Estate business? Leave a comment below.

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