Testing Complete

EstatePad completed it’s first cycle of beta and user acceptance today with excellent feedback. Thanks to those who gave up their time to partake in the tests, particularly our offshore testers. Feedback from Apple also has meant that we’ve changed the way that popover controllers are presented to the user. The facebook and twitter dialogues now appear modally instead of being presented through a popover controller. The most exciting revelation to come out of testing was syncing contacts with the iPad Address Book. Now the user can select whether they want to sync contacts in EstatePad with their Contact Database on the iPad. If the user has set this up with an IMAP account (Gmail and Outlook both allow this) then changes made in EstatePad will flow right through the iPad Address Book and straight to the cloud. This means that your PA could be sitting in the office watching the company gmail account as contacts and notes about those contacts get added from an Open Home. Once OS 4.2 is released for the iPad we’ll be doing exactly the same thing for the Calendar – again if this is synced thru IMAP then it’ll let you do some really cool stuff. The end result is that the iPad Address Book (and whatever email account it gets its contacts from) will be the master data source. EstatePad will update certain fields (phone numbers, emails, name and notes) in order to keep your contacts up to date but it won’t delete information from the Address Book. We’ll try and publish a guide about how to setup a free cloud based contact and calendar in no time.

The planned date for submission to the App Store is October 1 and it’s looking good to go.

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