Social Media….Arrggg Someone please explain!

Having attended a number of real estate conferences recently, they all push the idea and evolution of social media, and for those out there like me, who don’t understand fully the power of compounding numbers (my maths was no good at school) and who like to have a glass of wine or nice dinner when conversing with people, it can be quite hard to entertain online socializing, and business networking through social media does sound a bit far fetched.

Allow me to explain, provided your tweets etc are not mindless jabber, and are interesting and relevant to something interesting then your 140 word tweet (or conversation header) can be seen by hundreds of people, not just the 3-4 people you are having your wine or dinner with.  So if you are an interesting conservationist or regularly share gems of wisdom, you can do so with much greater effect, with lots of people benefiting from your interesting experiences and ideas.

The opposite can be true to, if you are a mindless moron who likes to tell people that you just got out of bed and had toast, people will not want to follow you and you will be seen in their eyes as the mindless moron you probably are!

So, we can talk to hundreds of people, and if its really good material it can be re-tweeted thousands of times, making social networking a very powerful tool, if you were wining and dining hundreds of people a week you would soon be very unwell!    One of our agents recently raised his hand at team meeting and with a bemused look on his face said “how do I tweet and facebook when I’m out of the office all day, and hardly near a computer, its quite time consuming” we all agreed, two months later EstatePad software arrived for the iPad, and with it twitter & facebook account feeds. Problem solved. Now posts can be made while out and about, and automatically feed into these systems, your clients can now see just how hard you work, and your regular material (frequency) is one of the key things with maintaining social networking headway, you wouldn’t have many people wanting to take you to dinner if you hardly said anything at dinner would you?

To summarize, we use EstatePad & iPad to network using Twitter and Facebook, a brilliant way to embrace this new networking tool, just remember frequency and useful information!

Thanks EstatePad, now social media is easy.

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