EstatePad 1.2 is released

EstatePad 1.2 has been approved and should now be available for download. Based on user feedback we’ve bundled in a few new features which enhances EstatePad’s status as the number 1 Real Estate Agent tool on the App Store.

These features include:

Export Data from EstatePad

Export Contacts, Listings and Tasks. If you need to get your EstatePad data off your iPad and into another system (such as a mailing system or company listing database) you can now use a convenient function in the “Mass Update” system preferences. The export to email button will allow you to email yourself three text files, containing all your contact, task and listing data. You can import these files into Excel and keep them as a backup.

Share Tasks with your iPad Calendar

In the System Preferences under “Contacts Sync” there is a new option to Sync your tasks with your iPad Calendar. You’ll be asked to nominate which calendar should be used to sync with and we strongly recommend that you create a special calendar on you iPad only for EstatePad tasks. If you sync your Calendar with gmail or MS Exchange then your EstatePad will also appear on these services.

Edit Sold Listings

You can now fully edit listings that have already been sold.

中文版! (Chinese Language Version!)

EstatePad has been fully localized for simplified chinese, including all the imagery, in app descriptions and help files. Depending on demand we’ll update some of the pages of this website in Chinese and get the iPhone version translated also. We look forward to getting feedback from the Chinese Real Estate community.

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