Designed by the best….

I have tried many software systems all of them online, they all seem to be slow to use, tiresome and usually I end up not using it properly because I am always out and about. Then there’s the cost – usually a monthly fee, or even $1,000 upwards to purchase.

If I leave the company, they take all my information (clients as well) and give them to another agent. It’s great that after all that hard work someone else has my client list.

Well, finally EstatePad has changed all of that. No internet connection is necessary to do basic tasks on the EstatePad, it loads up straight away, and with the iPad (and 13 hour battery life) I can do it on the run keeping everything updated as it happens. I can also sync with my work computer through the cloud so my personal assistant can see everything as it changes on the EstatePad/iPad.

The information is owned by me, secure and if I move companies, all my data comes with me.   I have seen many systems, but never one that was so user friendly and easy/simple to use. EstatePad has been designed by some of the best agents in the game, it has been rigorously tested by top agents in the marketplace, and has passed the test with flying colors.

Rest assured it is not easy to make a complex system simple and easy to use, it gives me great confidence that top agents are now using the EstatePad app for their daily client management and loving it!   Designed, built, tested and used by the best of the best!

Buy and iPad and the application right now and start doing what the best in the game have approved as a massive leap forward in real estate technology, and start saving hours every day!

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